Investigating Mayor Pugh

It’s Sunshine Week, an annual nationwide celebration of access to public information and what it means for you and your community.  In this episode “Investigating Baltimore Mayor Pugh,” we will hear from Luke Broadwater about his investigative work for the Baltimore Sun over the past year.  Their work has been nominated for MDDC’s prestigious James S. Keat FOIA Award, which honors a body of work reported primarily through open records.  The Keat award, among many others, will presented at MDDC’s annual conference in May in Annapolis, Maryland.  For more news around the region, visit


Luke Broadwater, reporter<br>The Baltimore Sun
Luke Broadwater, reporter
The Baltimore Sun

Luke Broadwater is The Sun’s State House reporter. Previously, he covered Baltimore City Hall, police and courts for a decade. Luke’s investigative reporting is responsible for some of the biggest recent local news stories: prompting the resignation of a mayor; shuttering of hundreds of speed cameras; and garnering $4.4 billion more for public schools.  He is a graduate of Ithaca College majoring in Writing, and McDonogh HS.

Luke currently writes for the Baltimore Sun. You can find him on Twitter at @lukebroadwater.

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Baltimore Sun Newsletters

Baltimore’s development boom leads to loss in school aid, Baltimore Sun, Luke Broadwater, February 7, 2015

As a Maryland senator, Pugh pushed bills to benefit hospitals while getting book payments from medical system, Luke Broadwater, April 2, 2019

Follow the money: What we know and don’t know about Baltimore Mayor Pugh’s $800,000 in book deals, Kevin Rector and Talia Richman, April 3, 2019

Pugh’s statement ‘is not true’: City Hall emails reveal how aides learned Baltimore mayor lied about book sales, Doug Donovan, Talia Richman, Jean Marbella, April 29, 2019

 Baltimore nonprofit tied to ex-Mayor Pugh claimed notable board members who deny they ever held such positions, Doug Donovan, May 8, 2019

Baltimore Mayor Pugh resigns amid growing children’s book scandal, Luke Broadwater, May 2, 2019

Four top executives resign at UMMS amid controversy over board member contracts, Luke Broadwater and Kevin Rector, June 6, 2019

Lawmakers outraged over UMMS ‘self-dealing’ report, Luke Broadwater, June 13, 2019


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