E13 Rookie of the Year 2019 Winner

Kristen Griffith, MDDC’s Rookie of the Year winner for 2019, is passionate about building strong relationships and loves interacting with her sources. After a brief internship at a national news publication she returned to her journalistic first love, local news. In this episode Griffith speaks about her love for community journalism and why she prefers it over national coverage. At the time of the interview (Spring 2020) Griffith was a reporter for The Enterprise.


Kristen Griffith , The Enterprise

Kristen J. Griffith covers community news with a focus on education for the Carroll County Times. Kristen came to Baltimore Sun Media from The Enterprise in St. Mary’s County where she was honored by a state press association as the Rookie of the Year. She earned a master’s degree American University and a bachelor’s degree from Wesley College.

Twitter: @kris10griffith

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