E14 2019 Damascus Football Alleged Sexual Assault: Courage in Journo Nominee 2019

Kathleen Stubbs, Daniel Kucin Jr., Carlos Alfaro Rodriguez, Jose Umana were nominated for the 2019 Courage in Journalism award after their coverage of the Damascus High School Football alleged sexual assault. They were later named the winners, and in the episode they each breakdown the challenges of reporting this story. At the time of this taping all of the journalists were staff of the The Montgomery Sentinel and now have since moved to other positions.


Kathleen Stubbs, The Montgomery Sentinel

Kathleen Stubbs recently reported for the Montgomery County Sentinel; she covered education, local government, crime, courts and public transportation. Kathleen researched and wrote stories for several of the Sentinel’s award-winning series during the last four years. Past awards include a first-place in social media reporting (2017) and a second place in public service (2018) at previous MDDC Awards conferences. Kathleen works as a staff reporter at a foreign newspaper in Washington, D.C.

Twitter: @Kathleenstubbs3

Daniel Kucin Jr., The Montgomery Sentinel

Daniel Kucin Jr. is an award-winning editor, journalist and photographer whose work can be seen in The Associated Press,The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Informer and The AFRO Newspapers.   

Twitter: @danielkucin88

Carlos Alfaro Rodriguez , The Montgomery Sentinel

Carlos Alfaro Rodriguez is a journalist from Baltimore who spent nearly five years at The Sentinel newspapers, mainly the Montgomery County Sentinel, where he covered politics and sports. Carlos graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in multimedia journalism. He now works in the area as a freelance journalist.

Twitter: @carlosalfarorod

Jose Umana , The Montgomery Sentinel

Jose Umana is an experienced journalist working his way through the ranks since transferring to the University of Maryland in 2012. Graduated with a B.A. in journalism in December 2015 and began working as a freelance at The Prince George’s Sentinel. After becoming the city editor for The Sentinel Newspapers, Mr. Umaña transitioned to his new role as a digital editor at WTOP in May 2020.

Twitter: @Jose_M_Umana




About this episode


  • Sexual Assault, reporting on sensitive topics


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